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Custom web design so you stand out in the crowd. We'll make your new site or redesign project easy!

  • Phone and tablet friendly design (responsive layouts)
  • Content management tools to maintain your website and keep your users engaged with your message
  • Creative design to enhance your brand & skilled programmers for complex web applications
  • Options and features to suit any budget
  • A clear plan to turn your site around with a minimum of headaches

Search Engine Optimization
and Online Marketing

Finding your site at the top of the Search Results is part of every businesses game plan. Through Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing, our team will use hard work and experience to:

  • Navigate the challenges of getting higher placement in SERPs (search engine result pages)
  • Demystify how and why people are going to find your web site
  • Call on real world data to determine your strategy
  • Create an SEO or SEM plan to get you off of page 3
  • Develop a social media marketing strategy

Web Design and marketing from the Professional, Do-it-all, On-Time Web Company!

Great web desisn is the result of a blend of creative talent and technical expertise. Microtek offers a design and development process that brings together a team talented designers, skilled developers and experienced programmers to provide our clients with professional services and exceptional results.

Don’t waste time hiring a gazillion companies, when you can have all your online needs met with Microtek. Use your time for more important things, like having coffee with your boss, ehhh... asking for a raise?

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Alberta Hotels & Lodging Association
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Edmonton Kenworth
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Escape Massage & Wellness
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Argus Machine Co.
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How do I get the Best Web Design results?

There are a few things you should know about Web Design and creating great Web Sites before you kick off your project.

The first thing you need to know is that your Web Designer will only be able to meet your expectations if you understand your goal and how to clearly define your expectations. 

Designers and Programmers create great web pages through the use of graphic design, content writers, search engine experts, and complex coding languages.  When the pieces are combined, the result is a living and breathing creation based on the information available to each member of the team.

Each of the team members on a Web Design project years of experience both within the scope of their own contributions, but of the site as a whole.  Experience in graphic design, and knowing how to grab attention while preventing the look of the site to turn off potential visitors.  Programmers are experienced in application behavior, and the 'expected' behavior of elements of the site, and writers have experience in turning a want into a need.

With your end goals and key desires, the team can pool expertise to provide a best fit of technical implementation to deliver on your goals.

So if the team is full of experts, why can't they just understand what I want and build it?

When we are focused on our business and our end goal we often lose sight of those technical details, particularly when we aren't familiar with them. Your Web Design team exists to use best practices, experience, and technical knowledge to achieve your end goal, and implement as much of the experience (your desired product) as possible without compromising the usability, or security of the end product.

So what do I need to tell them? What's my homework?

You need to understand the purpose of the site you want to build.  Is it a glorified business card? A means of contacting you, or does it need to accept requests, documents or files from a client to be forwarded to another member of your team?  

  • Will you be marketing the site directly in advertising? Are you anticipating traffic to the site from search engines as a primary means of getting visits?  What is the sites purpose with respect to your businesses' brand?
  • What can you supply?  Will you provide quality line art or vector images of your logo for example? Photographs of your product(s)? Will you provide the 'copy' that fills the pages or do you anticipate the web team to write appropriate content for the sections you have envisioned?
  • Have you provided your view of the contents - how you picture someone USING your site? What they should be able to do, and how you've envisioned them doing it?
  • Have you compiled a list of sites that embody the experience you would like to create for your customers? Visuals you are moved by? 

All of these things will help narrow down the focus of the Web Design team, to deliver a product that best embodies what you intend to create, in service of the end goal you've already provided.  

A collaboration with content, and expectations in place in the early phases of development creates a clear path to the finished site, and the conclusion of a successful project.

What Our Clients Have Said About Us

Edmonton web design client - Mamata Yoga

"Not only did they create an app and website for my business that went beyond my expectation, they did so with such professionalism, ease and brilliance."

Clare Newman
Mamata Yoga
Edmonton web design client - Western Star

"We would like to extend our thanks to the team at Microtek for their efforts and thorough coverage of detail during the building of our website. Things went very smooth on our end and the service we received was great. Thanks for taking the stress out of this project."

Gil Morrison
Western Star North
Edmonton web design client - Escape Massage and Wellness

"David and his team at Microtek Corporation are our superheroes when it comes to logo and website designs. After having several frustrating experiences with different designers, David and his team worked tirelessly to meet our tight timelines."

Monique & Holly
Escape Massage and Wellness
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