Experience has taught us that not every business relationship is a fit. We do not want to start a process if we feel we can’t service you properly.  We want you to be a happy, satisfied customer. We thrive on that mandate and our reputation depends on it.  We’re interested in win-win relationships.

To help you understand the kind of businesses Microtek best serves, we provide our prospective customers with some questions to consider. These questions will help you understand what Microtek has to offer and help you determine if we are what you need for your business enhancement.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have a large, medium or small organization?

We generally serve medium to large size businesses. Small businesses are defined as home-based (SOHO) with very limited (or no) budget. This level of business is better suited to working with a freelancing web designer rather than a full development team. Our staff consists of highly trained, high-performing programmers and designers who have the ability to facilitate large projects. We often have our full team dedicated to the project so we can focus our collective energy for exceptional results.

While we understand the needs of small businesses, we often cannot provide the personal resources to manage small scale projects. The profitability in fragmenting our team can essentially prove unprofitable. In such cases, we will likely refer you to a business that is better suited to your interests.

Do you have a budget? 
Do you know exactly what you need for your website?

Many businesses approach web development without an awareness of cost associated with online marketing. Knowing your budget is essential to knowing what you are able to build into your website. Like an individual looking to purchase a car, you ought to know if you’re in the market for a Volkswagen or a Lexus. Just approaching a web developer by saying “I need a website” is like going to a dealership and saying “I need a car”. One of the first questions you’ll be asked is “What kind of car?”  The kind of car will certainly determine the cost. Your budget will certainly determine the kind of web site and marketing strategy you can have. It is beneficial to know what kind of budget you have before starting any development.

Do you have someone we can work directly with (besides the owner)?

Through our experience, we’ve learned a key to project success is contingent on having access to a member of your team who acts as a single point of contact. Often business owners are tied up managing business operations and are not readily available for questions and important feedback.  This directly impact time-frames.  It is vital to assign a point of contact within your team who is responsible for content development and communication. Having this key person will assist us in the development process and in meeting timelines.

Customization & Dynamic Development

We have a full team of highly experienced programmers who are familiar with the trends, and ongoing changes in the web world.   If your website needs to be dynamic with dynamic back-end features (database, applications, etc) Microtek is the company to help you. We excel at providing solutions that bring your website to the next level.

Do you require E-Commerce


There is a cost associated with E-Commerce. Custom building an E-Commerce site requires integrating security features to protect your data and the personal information of your customers. There are also cost effective solutions that are not custom built. Microtek can develop a Custom E-Commerce component or work with a previously developed package.

Do You have an Existing Website?

Are you just looking for an upgrade of an existing site, or a fresh design?
Do you want to manage your own content using a Content Management System (CMS)?
Do you want services involving Search Engine Optimization and/or ongoing SEO services?
Are you interested in improving your overall branding (logo, business cards. etc)?

So, are you a good fit?

If you believe you and Microtek are a good fit, we invite you to Contact Us.