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Search Engine Optimization and Search Friendly Websites

Let’s be clear. If your website does not rank well on Google, your competitive position in your marketplace is at risk. Search engines have effectively replaced the Yellowpages as the method for finding local businesses to service customer needs. You simply cannot ignore this fact. You NEED a website that is Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

If you do not employ strategic design and intentional web marketing tactics, then your website will suffer low ranking. And there is nothing more frustrating than a leading business in any given sector watching a smaller, lesser competitor slowly absorb the market share just because they appear on page one, while you appear on page two in the search engine rankings.

How Does Microtek Help SEO?

To be honest, it’s complicated. There are endless factors to consider, and every piece can make a difference. The process is tedious and methodical. But the work you invest into understanding how your customers are trying to find you online using keyword searches will make all the difference.

We will do some of the following:

  • Conduct extensive keyword analysis and research to learn about your customers and their online behaviors. You need to understand how they are searching for the products services you (and your competitors) provide
  • Integrating that research into the most important, Google-friendly elements of your website (titles, keywords, descriptions, content, links, etc).
  • Help refine your content so your website is optimized for Google and your customers.
  • Help to ensure your website is technically sound by performing analysis on it’s performance. Recommendations will be provided.

Without significant and clever marketing to drive traffic to a website, search engines represent the largest driver of traffic. As much as 75% of traffic can be driven to commercial and business properties through search optimization and PPC advertising, and without a community of engaged users it is often the best means to reach potential customers.

Organic Search Traffic

Organic traffic is web traffic driven exclusively through the ‘SERP’ or Search Engine Results Page. Of this traffic, search results from search engines are matched to pages on your site through keywords and optimized content. When searchers enter a particular keyword, or phrase those keywords are matched to stored references in the search system, and your page (if a match) is spit out as a result. The better the client matches your page content in terms of ‘intent’ the higher you’ll rank on the results page.

With a complete set of appropriate keywords, Microtek will amend the content on the website in search engine relevant locations to best represent those keywords to the search algorithms used by major search systems (including Google, and Bing.) Over time, and as traffic builds and clicks on your site, your page rank will increase, and you’ll factor higher on SERPs.

Microtek’s SEO packages provide the necessary ground work to improve your organic search results, and drive additional targeted traffic to your site.

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