It used to be simple. Build a website…. Adjust your web meta tags…. Throw your website to the wind….. But that was before the Internet became the most effective means to reach prospective customers. Now with the overpopulation of websites and the enormous competition for attracting an online audience, simply having a website isn’t enough. Knowing how to reach your intended market is vital. Microtek can help you reach your audience with the following Search Engine Optimization packages.

Package A: SEO Ignition

Getting Started

The first step is to get an initial assessment of your current SEO status. Next, Microtek will put the pieces in place for enhancing your web presence.

  • Initial SEO Assessment
  • Setup of Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
  • Submission with key websites (Yahoo!, Google, DMOZ,, etc)
  • Set up of basic Social Media tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Assess/revise key homepage components (Titles, Descriptions, Tags)
  • Basic Instruction for monitoring reports & ongoing stats
  • Follow-up report for initial set-up

Package B: SEO Fusion

Making an Impact

Microtek will implement vital SEO tools for your website including full integration of Social Media tools for an inclusive and effective strategy.

  • All elements of SEO Ignition Package (A) Included
  • Custom Styling & Branding of Social Media tools
    (branded graphics for your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, etc)
  • Inbound link building with multiple relevant websites
  • Multiple, ongoing monthly reporting to measure efforts
  • Assistance / Training for ongoing Social Media strategy
  • Follow-up report for initial set-up

Service Package: Monthly SEO

Keeping Momentum

Microtek will provide ongoing monthly service to help build and maintain the SEO placement you established.

  • Monthly support for Social Media Strategy
  • Writing & content development for Facebook, Blogging
  • Monthly reporting & progress reports
  • Regular re-submission to key websites for web updates
  • Ongoing inbound link building