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Web Design and Development

Web Design Microtek

Professional Web Design and Development Services in Edmonton

The best websites are a beautiful blend of creative talent and technical expertise. Our design and development process brings together a team talented designers, skilled developers and experienced programmers to provide our clients with professional services and exceptional results.

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Website Design

Every project begins with a creative exploratory process between our team and our client. Our web designers will work their magic to create a impacting visual concept that captures the desired result. There will be plenty of opportunity to give feedback to our designers through the process to ensure the needs of the client are represented to satisfaction.

Additional services are available within our team, such as photographers and illustrators, to ensure the most unique and visually stunning results are possible.

Here are a list of some of our design services available:

Website Development

Bringing the conceptual design to life rests in the capable hands of our development team. They will use the final web concept design to build the functioning, dynamic template of your website. Their experience with the latest web tools will ensure quality and ideal results which your visitors should expect from a modern website.

Depending on what our clients have agreed for in their website contract, our developers will incorporate such features as:


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Our Clients

Web Design Microtek
Microtek serves clients from dozens of industries and organizations.  We would invite you to review our Portfolio of work.  In our history we’ve also had the pleasure to work with some great Associations and Organizations and specialize in working with them. If you are looking for specific Search Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services we would be happy to sit down and discuss your needs.


Mobile App Development

Microtek also offers full development services for Mobile devices! We specialize in Android and iOS application development and have experience with deployment to the iTunes App Store, and Google Play.

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