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Mobile App Development Expertise

With the demand for entertaining, fun and productive apps, Microtek offers skilled development services to our clients in both the Apple and Android platforms. We have successfully developed numerous apps since we expanded our services in 2012.

We offer app development for iOS and Android platforms targeting both mobile devices and tablets. Our history includes publishing experience with the iTunes App Store and Google Play with over a half-million downloads to our credit. Our portfolio of client work includes web-based applications, standalone (native) applications, back-end / server integrations, integration of new API's, and unique SDK's.

Development Process

The first step to creating your application is to do your homework. Before approaching a developer, you'll need to have a clear understanding of how you intend your application to function. Create a 'roadmap' of desired functionality and how you expect interaction to behave. The more detailed your expectations, the more accurately we can quote. If you have specific needs for an application, we will walk you through the process of storyboarding and guide you through the stages of development.

Supporting your Application

Once your app is created, you'll need to ensure you've got a website built to help market and support it. Microtek's web design offering can assist you here as well! Talk to us today for any of our application or web services!

Do Your Homework!

We aren't going to design your app for free before you engage us. Quotes are provided based on the information you provide to us. The design phase essentially for many apps essentially involves creating a software design document. You should start by visually storyboarding your app with basic wireframes (e.g. use www.NinjaMock.com). Then map out the screen interactions. Next create a list of all the functionality you would like. Identify if these are front-end (user based), back-end (reporting and administrative functions), and any third party integration (e.g. external payment processing). Once you have your list, rank them based on priority. We recommend from 1 to 5 where 1 are critical must-have functions and 5 are more wish list in the future items. The more detailed information you have, the closer estimates can be for development. If you are concerned about sharing any of this information with us, we have no problems signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

How much does developing a mobile app cost?

Native applications for iOS and Android are a powerful way to connect with Smartphone users. Various mobile platforms provides familiar interfaces to your product or service, and a means to engage with your users in a more direct way.

Developing applications on native platforms also provides access to the hardware functionality of devices such as cameras, audio, video, or the GPS for location and mapping functionality.

Unlike simpler web applications, Native Android or iOS development is true software development. Developers have access to the core device capabilities. Accessing them requires user interface, data manipulation, and code to perform your desired functions. As a result, mobile app development often surprises an entrepreneur or business once you start looking for estimates and quotes.

Microtek would like to share up front what you can expect for your project, and perhaps take some of the mystery away from the process.

Price Ranges

First - lets talk "simple" quoting. Is the scope and complexity of the application 'small', 'moderate' or 'complex?

An application that loads current stock prices from a predefined list might be considered 'small', while somthing that takes a picture or captures sound and saves it on the phone might be considered 'moderate' if it allows you to post to Facebook. If you require a login to a remote system, transfer of profiles, interact with a remote database, or provides custom on screen interaction - you're likely looking at a "complex" project. Similarly, creating a "custom" interface can turn a simple app into a "moderate" app, and adding the ability to cache data for offline use could turn a "moderate" app into a "complex" app.

Simple App
$10,000 to $50,000
Medium App
$50,000 to $150,000
Complex App

Sample Application:

  • A native application for an Android Device
  • Needs to manage a login by email or social network (Twitter, Facebook, Google)
  • User needs to have a profile
  • Needs to be able to store data that others can access
  • Needs to be able to process in-app purchases
Approximate Cost: $50-$70k

Extending the application:

  • Needs access to the GPS and Maps
  • Needs access to the Camera
  • Needs to be able to store data that others can access
  • Needs to be able to record audio, that can be stored with camera still images
Additional Cost: $30-50k

Back-End Functionality

When an application needs to send and receive data from a server on the Internet, another level of complexity is added in the back-end. The first question is - does the back-end exist? Before you build an application that can do these things, you need to have a server and data architecture that the application will talk to. This can involve a secure database and an API layer to communicate with.

The cost of this back-end is not included with the cost of developing an application alone. For building applications, it is assumed that there is a back-end system to work with. If the project involves both application and back-end, each are likely to be built in parallel by different developers. The cost of the back-end solution varies greatly by need, but can certainly cost as much as the application, or much more.

Enterprise level applications generally support both iOS and Android - doubling development costs (less some overlap of course) but can take more than 6 months to build and cost $150k to $250k.

Reading: Kevin Benedict on the cost of closing the it gap with Mobility.

Companies are under tremendous pressure to develop and deploy mobile apps for their business systems, yet the traditional approach to mobile app development typically costs $250K+ and takes 6+ months for a single app.

Maintenance and Updates

Once your app is finished, you aren't really done. Fixes for OS updates and maintenance for issues identified by customers can equal development costs in the second year.


We also would caution you to not forget about marketing if you are developing a public consumer app. Once an app is made available online (e.g. iTunes AppStore or Google Play), it doesn't magically get a million downloads. You need to market your new app. The listing needs to be optimized including enhanced screen grabs and keyword optimization. You need to have active promotions directing people to your new app to try it out.

Cost Calculator

Here is a simple and quick App Cost calculator to show you some rough average costs for different functionality in mobile app development.

If you would like to read more regarding what it costs to develop an app, check out this article from Fueled.com where first versions are $150,000 and generally it goes up to $1.5 million over a period of 18 months.

Some of Our Most Recent Apps Include:

iStall Parking

A parking stall reservation & booking system. With the demise of the traditional parking meter, iStall is a great tool for vendors & motorists alike.

Includes full web-app front end support, centralized secure authentication, integrated payment gateways, and many other features.

Mamata Yoga

Stay connected and grounded in your pregnancy with this informational prenatal yoga APP! Follow the simple and easy instructions on how to safely practice 70 yoga poses as they relates to pregnancy.

Alberta Campground Guide

Alberta has hundreds of campgrounds to choose from - whether you’re looking for mountains, badlands, grassy plains or lakes, you’ll find your favorite here.

Marbles Mania 2 Dragon's Lair

Our flagship app. Simple and addictive, traverse and battle across 48 unique levels in 8 lands. Premium graphics and custom soundtracks in this amazing game.

The Bear Necessities of Writing

An educational app that helps young students add detail to their stories making their writing more interesting to their readers.

Marble Flow Free

Work your way from a 5×5 up to larger grids and challenge your brain. This is an amazing and addictive puzzle game where you need to link identical marbles to each other and complete the grid. No square on the grid can be empty.

Domain Name Alerts

allows monitoring of one or more domain names to ensure they have not expired. Also verifies that the admin email address and nameservers have not been changed. It will alert you when changes are made or if your domain is expiring in the near future.


features everything you need in a scientific calculator. Intelligent with a great intuitive and usable interface. From "1+2", you can go further to a more complicated expression like "1+2(3*4(5+6))" with CALC.PI

Mail Alerts

allows monitoring of one or more email servers to ensure your email is still working. It is a great app that sends an email to a test account on your mail server, then goes to see if it arrived and picks up the test message. It notifies you with an alert if there is a problem.

Discover a Color

Find brand new colors and color schemes for your designs and artwork.

Extremely useful for graphic designers, web designers, and artists! Fun for everyone! Discover your colors now!

Website Alerts

allows monitoring of one or more websites to ensure they are still responding, also tracks their load time and performance which it displays in handy charts. It will alert you when there are any problems with any websites you are monitoring.


You are a ninja squirrel, going around and stealing nuts from other ninjas or locations. Earn levels and buy things using the nuts you collect. This game adds an amazing twist by using built-in GPS, you can detect the presence of other ninjas around you to steal their nuts!

Memory Farm

is a game which helps you train your memory. Try to find pairs on board as fast as possible. Collect points and use them to unlock new levels. There is a lot of great 3D characters you can recognize which will make your score better than in a normal 2D game. Make your brain to be the fastest in the world!!!

Nut Ninja Nuke

You are a ninja squirrel firing nuts to stop them from reaching the hole and saving them for your stash.

Holiday Grump

You are a grumpy elf and want to ruin the holiday season. Your mission is to stop all of the gifts from reaching the stocking. Use your cannon to shoot and match 3 similar objects.

Marbles Mania

is a simple and addictive game to try and overcome the next levels. You have to succeed in controlling a cannon to fire off at least three balls of the same color. You have to stop the balls from reaching the black pit. This is a simple and very addictive match 3 game.

Stellar Quest

is a simple and addictive game to try and achieve levels. Control a cannon to fire off at least three similar objects. You have to stop them from reaching the blackhole. This is a simple and very addictive match 3+ game. Also includes leaderboard and achievements!

Super Tap Target

See how fast and accurate you really are in Super Tap Target Tap as many targets as you can and don't let any get by! This is a fun game for all ages, kids and adults alike will have a great time trying to beat each others scores.

Doodle Danger

is a simple and addictive game to try and complete levels (stages). Control a pencil cannon to fire off at least three similar smiley faces. You have to stop the faces from reaching the hole in the paper. This is a simple and very addictive match 3+ game.

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