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Improve visitor experience with better Titles and Page Descriptions When you create the Titles and Page Descriptions on your website, is is clear who you are writing for? Title tags have long been regarded as one of the most important elements of SEO, and in particular hold a critical position in delivering users to your… Read more »

Microtek Web Design

In the modern B2B and particularly B2C world, a contemporary and functional website for your business is a necessity. Unless you operate as a word of mouth driven sole proprietorship part time – chances are you are still concerned with attracting new business. For most businesses, exposure to new potential business is nearly impossible without… Read more »

Microtek Blog - Fear Technology

Professional SEO tactics are the only thing that separates you from your audience. After all, who wants to set up an entire website and never have anyone visit it? The answer is no one. But if you’re still not convinced, then consider a few more reasons to hire SEO professionals to get your site noticed…. Read more »

What does it mean to keep a website “lean”?  Where Search Optimization is concerned, load speed is a factor that can critically impact a website’s ranking in Google.  So how do you increase a website’s loading speed and keep users from bouncing (leaving immediately) your website?   For load speed: Use a minimum amount of… Read more »

Microtek Blog Conversions

For anyone unfamiliar with building for the web, there is a belief (perhaps based on past experience) that building a website alone will draw traffic. In 2016, you no longer have that option. Millions of users daily are online, surfing facebook, googling, and bing-ing the hours away. And guess what… They aren’t seeing your billboard… Read more »

Best Keyword Research Tools in 2016   Keyword research can be the most challenging aspect of SEO.  Keywords after all, are what Optimization experts consider the ‘core’ of SEO.  So when it comes to figuring out what keywords you want to target, what tool do you use? In the past several years, new tools have… Read more »

Mobile devices are on everyone’s minds when it comes to web development and SEO.  Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%), according to SmartInsights.  So what does this mean to you?  It means that if your website is not optimized well for mobile, half of… Read more »

User Interface design and User Experience are both important in getting leads. To convert your incoming traffic into potential leads, you need to make sure your website is optimized. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy thing to do and requires a lot of experimenting. But here are some of the biggest ways to help increase your… Read more »

Microtek Blog - Performance Time

Site speed is one of the top factors in ranking a website. So how do you know what is slowing down your website? Google PageInsights is Google’s tool in analyzing your website’s speed and giving you suggestions on what to fix. But are there are other things that could be impacting your website’s overall speed?… Read more »

Microtek Blog Website Design

Whenever the word “freelance” is used in the corporate world (or in any business for that matter), fear and doubt are frequently the first 2 emotions that arise. Why? Freelancing does not have the best reputation in the business world. It comes with a number of unknowns and risks. Cons of working with Freelancers You… Read more »

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