Intro & Outro Branded Video Clips

Many companies have the ability and/or desire to create their own video content, but they don't know how to apply their unique branding to their clips. We've tried to help our clients by offering simple introduction and outro clips (with musical background themes) which can be easily added to the beginning and ending of their videos. It takes a simple self-made video shot and turns it into a useful, branded marketing piece.

Client: Mamata Yoga (Intro & Outro Videos)

Client: Vikara Yoga Academy (Intro & Outro Videos)

Client: Dycor / SmartVue (Intro & Outro Videos)

Client: David Papp Professional Services (Intro & Outro Videos)

Promotional Videos

Video is an extremely popular and effective format for online marketing, especially when trying to deliver a professional, clear and informative message in a captivating way. Promotional videos can take on many styles, from an easy slideshow to a scripted interview / voice over style that is personalized.

Client: Edmonton Kenworth (Promotional Video Highlighting Locations)

Client: Microtek Corporation (Self-Promotion Video)

Client: Dycor (SmartVue Product Promotion Video)

Series Production Videos

Many companies develop a "video series" to provide content for their YouTube and social media channels. Videos can create a personal and informative relationship with potential customers, and help build an audience who continue to follow.

David Papp Tech Ideas & Advice Video Series

David Papp Tech Ideas & Advice Video Series

David Papp Tech Ideas & Advice Video Series

Dycor Tech Help Video Series for SmartVue

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