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We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in Edmonton and Central Alberta to grow their presence on the web, and improve experiences for their customers. The best websites are a beautiful blend of creative talent and technical expertise. Our design and development process brings together a team talented designers, skilled developers, and experienced marketers to provide our clients with exceptional results within their budgets.

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Website Design

Every project begins with a creative exploratory process between our team and our client. Our web designers will work their magic to create a impacting visual concept that captures the desired result. There will be plenty of opportunity to give feedback to our designers through the process to ensure the needs of the client are represented to satisfaction.

Additional services are available within our team, such as photographers and illustrators, to ensure the most unique and visually stunning results are possible.

Here are a list of some of our design services available:

Website Development

Bringing the conceptual design to life rests in the capable hands of our development team. They will use the final web concept design to build the functioning, dynamic template of your website. Their experience with the latest web tools will ensure quality and ideal results which your visitors should expect from a modern website.

Depending on what our clients have agreed for in their website contract, our developers will incorporate such features as:


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How do I get the Best Web Design results?

There are a few things you should know about Web Design and creating great Web Sites before you kick off your project.

The first thing you need to know is that your Web Designer will only be able to meet your expectations if you understand your goal and how to clearly define your expectations.

Designers and Programmers create great web pages through the use of graphic design, content writers, search engine experts, and complex coding languages. When the pieces are combined, the result is a living and breathing creation.

Each of the members on a Web Design project bring years of experience.Experience in graphic design and knowing how to grab attention while preventing the look of the site to turn off potential visitors. Programmers are experienced in application behaviour, and the ‘expected’ behaviour of elements of the site, and writers have experience in turning a want into a need.

With your end goals and key desires, Microtek will pool expertise to provide a best fit of technical implementation to deliver on your goals.

So Microtek, If you’re so full of experts, why can’t you just understand what I want and build it?

When a client is focused on their business and end goal, they can lose sight of those technical details, particularly when we aren’t familiar with them. Your Web Designer exists to use best practices, experience, and technical knowledge to achieve your end goal, and implement as much of the experience (your desired product) as possible without compromising the usability, or security of the end product.

So what do I need to tell them? What’s my homework?

You need to understand the purpose of the site you want to build. Is it a glorified business card? A means of contacting you, or does it need to accept requests, documents or files from a client?

  • Will you be marketing the site directly in advertising? Are you anticipating traffic to the site from search engines as a primary means of getting visits? What is the sites purpose with respect to your businesses’ brand?
  • What can you supply? Will you provide quality line art or vector images of your logo for example? Photographs of your product(s)? Will you provide the ‘copy’ that fills the pages or do you anticipate Microtek writing appropriate content for the sections you have envisioned?
  • Have you provided your view of the contents – how you picture someone USING your site? What they should be able to do, and how you’ve envisioned them doing it?
  • Have you compiled a list of sites that embody the experience you would like to create for your customers or visuals supplied visuals you are moved by?

All of these things will help narrow down the focus of the web designers, to deliver a product that best embodies what you intend to create, in service of the end goal you’ve already provided.

A collaboration with content, and expectations in place in the early phases of development creates a clear path to the finished site, and the conclusion of a successful project.


Our Clients

Web Design Microtek
Microtek serves clients from dozens of industries and organizations.  We would invite you to review our Portfolio of work.  In our history we’ve also had the pleasure to work with some great Associations and Organizations and specialize in working with them. If you are looking for specific Search Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services we would be happy to sit down and discuss your needs.


Mobile App Development

Microtek also offers full development services for Mobile devices! We specialize in Android and iOS application development and have experience with deployment to the iTunes App Store, and Google Play.

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